Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Emancipating Anticipation

"Hashivenu Hashem Elecha Ve'Nashuva Chadesh Yamenu KeKedem" 
Restore us to You, the Eternal, that we may be restored! 
Rejuvenate our days as of old. (Lam. 5:21)

Along the spiritual path, you practice maintaining your heart’s authenticity in ways that add fulfillment to creation. In time, you graduate to orchestrate your heart’s expression in ways that infuse new spirit into awareness that has been levelled by deficit. You grow to lead a spiritually liberated path that inspires others to invest in developing a relationship with their own soul’s future realization.

Invariably, the path of spiritual maturation requires you to unwrap your truest self by quieting the reactive mind and connecting your heart to a place of timeless contentment. To attain this, it is key to actively link your heart to the parts of your soul residing in a time of future realization. In this way, your heart will be secure from extending its vitality into motivations of endurance — a creative expression that necessitates an inccuring of long obstacles.
The heart of a true spiritualist is treasured because it has cultivated a refined sensitivity. However, a gentle heart cannot soldier through difficulties without these taking a heavy toll. It is therefore essential for you to cultivate disciplines for reviving your heart’s vitality each day. You do this by bathing your awareness in the bliss that will be realized at a future time. It means cultivating feelings of perpetual “renewal” -- these will refine the quality of your spirit and help your soul seed solutions ahead of your intended path. Gradually, you grow to master anchoring your heart in a space of perpetual "arrival", to seed the blossoming of lasting success.

In sum, it means securing a gravitating expression of raw satisfaction! Through it you grow animated with the feeling of embracing all that you are for all eternity —ready to seize the reigns of a life you were specifically built for! This is the secret indelible expression fueling hearts destined for lasting success and heightened realization.
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