Sunday, April 5, 2009

There Are No "Sins", Only the Banishing of One's Innate Grace & Glory

There are many words for sin. 

And in the time of ancient Israel the common word for sin was the word "chet". 

"Chet" comprised of two hebraic letters "chet" and "tet" with the numerological equivalence of 8 and 9 together. The word "chet" is equvilent to 17, it is one removed from the cycle of life (a deficit from the 18 of chai (/life), representing an individual balanced in freedom between the balance the two 9s. ["9" is the greatest multiplier in single integers, representing the greatest variation, and thus, the greatest meaning in choice, in choosing to love.] 

The terms "chet" means a "void", a "void" within.  

The action that an individual with a void within performs is not a reflection of the individual in freedom choosing, at equilibrium between two options, a free individual confronted with two choices, and he chose wrong, and so he "sins". No, the action was not free, and was a reciprocal reaction, compensating for a deep void within. There was a darkness within, it was an empty space within that was detached from intimacy with the light of eternity. And this space was created by the individual's lack of recognition of their innate grace and glory and Divine essence.

So, the angel within the human form creates the void through their inner resonance of "shame" and "abandonment". For one's angelic consciousness has cut off within any recognition of one's true angelic self. When one's perception cuts off oneself from the totality of All, this perception manifests a vortex of void, and it gets resonated outwardly, broadcasting throughout the resonance frequencies of "oppression", "abandonment" and "shame". And, so oppression and shame continue to come forth. And so essentially one has sinned to oneself!

The rectification of the void comes by recognizing meaning in the "darkness". If you learn from the darkness that there was a void and though the network of understanding of what you went through you now have a greater network to import the light; a grater network of receptacles, of networks, by which you can take complete application of that light to impart through your passion its lessons of truth to others; then you have no sin. There is no sin. And, the sin becomes a merit, for the sin taught you the passion in the light! And when the sin teaches the light, then there is no sin, because there is no void.

Only that the individual from the perspective of "without" has come to redemption, an understanding to take control of their destiny and recognize their actualizing glory. Realizing that the darkness was not a waste, the darkness had delivered them to that point where they can recognize the light; for they have gleaned profound knowledge about passion in the light from the perspective of "without". And the knowledge of knowing what the darkness is allows one to passionately reimburse the light, and so that darkness is designated again as sacred. 

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