Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Preparing To Drink From The Waters Of Eternity

If an individual closes his eyes, and finds that he is unable to bring down the collective of creation into his perception. He should focus on bringing all thoughts into oneness, by aligning all of one's journey, all of the points into a singular expansive narrative of oneness. For eternity is infinity, a singular unified unit. And so when you want to travel back towards the embrace of the Infinite, back toward eternity, and connect to infinite streams of consciousness; you must prepare your mind to come in oneness with All That IS.

You were given journey with objectives for this life, you were awarded markers of disappointment and frustration, and many points of glory in this lifetime. You should begin to coalesce your story into a singular narrative of expansive actualization, by discovering its unifying theme. Take all the fragments of your journey and allow these to become the bricks that pave the road of ascent heading somewhere. As you redeem each action, you should begin to uncover compassion and mercy for those that wronged you. You will discover that those individuals that have wronged you have imparted to you profound lessons from the perspective of "without". They taught you precisely what it is that you are not! They thereby headed you along your journey right on que. As you begin to discover this road of ascent that you have been traveling on, then you can begin to expand to perceive the road you are headed to.

As you begin to welcome the road you are heading to "within", ideas that resonate will begin to take root within you that were not part of your previous schema of perception. You will begin to wittess manifestations and energies of which you previously did not align yourself, and that you remained ablivious to. But suddenly, you percieve that these to are all aspects of All That Is that flows within you. Much of which, you had previously bound and limited their expression becuase of your resonance of shame.

You will be shown points of experience or archetypes that are presented to you. And you must surrender to these by connectng them to an expansive narrative of actualized oneness all echoing the music of benevolence and healing.These will be sent your way, and your job is to take these from fragmentation and convert these to a narrative of singularity and expansion within the dimension of "actuality".

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