Friday, December 11, 2009

Eating & Co-Creation

Remember, its not your intentions (mind) that matters, it is what you are resonating (your heart) that matters. And so when you eat, and realize that food has energy, that energy has intelligence, and you are partnering with intelligence at all times.

You are always co-creating, always. You are never alone, ever, and when you close the shade, the only one you close the shade on is you... it is silly, being alone is truly an impossibility as All in creation are perpetually connected.

Realize that you are always partnering in creation, and your choice is, do I partner with energetic resonances as a "captive" or co-create "actively"?

Because if you are in a stage of "want" and "need", then you are reactionary. You are not choosing, you are being compelled. So, you are not vibrating at high space; you are vibrating at a very base space. You are like on the lower keys (of creation), you are not on the highest keys in the creation's piano.

And so, if you are eating from a space of "need" and "want", what are you imparting to that "naïve" energy intelligence, that is coming to partner its energy for the next day? Are you teaching it the language of LOVE; existence and free will?

What if you teach it want and need resonances, are you not responsible for teaching it that in this dimension you must be a brat!?

When you have a partner in energy who is a big brat, who is slowing you down from progressing all the time, it is like racing with cement boots. And so you say: "its pretty difficult to co-create with a brat".

And many individuals, go to sleep one day and wake up the next morning and they feel completely different and they are like: "What happened to me?" And I say try recognizing "gratitude" in your life, and try eating from a space of grace. Try it a few days and see how it works for you. See what happens with that energy.

You don’t need to do the Susan Summers thing... try this and see what happens. Your body is a good partner, it likes you to the degree that you like it. Its not out to get you. Try resonating grace. Reach forgiveness for what you have done, what you have taught. Teach a different language, a less primitive language of being, educate it, and this shall stop the inertia, and you will start flowing in the currents of what Is.

Because you are never alone. And you only choose who to partner with. And that higher aspects of self that stayed behind, they are waiting to assist. They talk to you through your dreams. They talk to you through your heart, all the time, if you just learn to listen and understand.

Individuals, they go in meditation and prayer and they are talking, praying and meditating, and they don’t bother, listening! Just listen for an instant. They know how to speak to you. They know your private language because they are you. Yes, they are you!

So listen to what they have to say, they have a different perspective. They see things from a bigger space. And they wish to coax you along your path, out of your primitive fetishes, into a more civilized space to becoming an actualized individual that is unified with All That Is.

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