Thursday, February 26, 2009


Its important. 

It is very important for an individual to focus, to meditate… on love.

Be it prayer, deep meditation, art, singing your song, becoming one with nature, whatever the method; the goal is the same, to focus a broadcast from the heart of a deep longing to connect, a Re-Union with All. To recognize, to expand beyond the parameters of our fractured nature along this plane. To coalesce in absolute harmony with all aspects of All "within". 

And, when we do so, there is always deliverance; to the degree that we are able to recognize it, to the degree that we are able to have a relationship.

You see, there are many that pray only in religious institutions. And often their prayers consist of speaking words that they say rote, because there is a tradition, so it is memorized and verbose without real passion, without feeling. And, they just pray and pray, they talk, but their heart is closed and so they fail to listen. They don’t know how to "listen". And they don’t know their role in contributing to the love of this world. 

They are expecting a god of shame, a vindictive god, a god that acts like many men do on this realm. An oppressive God that says you are not worthy! But, if they understood, if they only knew that you are far grander and far more beautiful that what we presently perceive. That you are a spark, a splinter of All That Is. That you are intimately loved. That you are intimately cherished. And that you are intimately powerful; you are so powerful in your intimacy!

To the degree that you listen within intimacy is the space where revelation begin taking root.

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