Monday, April 23, 2012

Transcending Justice

Think of the individuals that have wronged you the most. Certainly the discord, indifference, harshness and callousness that took root and erupted like a wound upon your soul. Certainly, you felt alone and you saw no justice. 

It is important to realize that in the higher tiers of spiritual consciousness there is no justice. Individual are born upon this earth to grow beyond fetishes of justice, and transcend the linear-minded models of progression that exile a soul from eternal streams. 

While it is true that there are many angelic realms, and great lights that stand in justice, it is not the role of the precious souls that come forward to exist upon the earth. These souls agree to navigate through the contrasts of material consciousness so that they can better grow to a realization of a higher intimacy. The destination chosen for their journey was to draw closer to the "crown" by exuding a higher love. As higher love transcends all the linear-minded "heaviness" of justice, and allows the river of eternity to flow with abundance. 

Recognize the beauty of your journey, the dignity and grace that you have been afforded to attain. All that appears to have proceeded has been provided so that you may stand forth, shining your heart's song of truth with love, grace and healing consolation. Allow your soul to transcend the polarities and contrasts of petty comparisons and perceived competitions. Recognize that those that have wronged you have also awarded you an invaluable gateway upon your journey. They help you better embrace your heart's authentic song of truth. Without such intervention, you would likely still be languishing in discovering your true heart's music. Understand, that all that befalls, with active participation or not, are playing a most benevolent role. Some are driven by instinct and reacting to a void of "without", while others are driven to achieve so by cultivating bountiful illumination "within". 

By transcending justice you can inspire worlds that are apart. You can usher forth the future music of a more harmonic time and allow it to uplift the melody of your present. In this way, a beckon can be reignited for all, quickening the pulse of a collective soul for a love that yields still greater unification. Increasingly, an impassioned cadence rings out in the hearts of man to better revere and protect the profound dignity, grace and grandeur for the light imparted within the soul of another's and protect its' truth. Increasingly, life on earth is rendered more peaceful and civilized in preparation for a great outpouring and reunion with higher tiers of consciousness and the benevolent role for the expression of all things becomes increasingly transparent. 

All are created by one, and all are expressions of the love pouring out from source of oneness. Recognize that the only thing that leaves an individual isolated in the "dark" is the music that flows through their heart to bolster polarities, divisions, discord and chaos. Learn to trust your heart with the choice of inhabiting a more benevolent and intimate space. Seize the reigns of your life's journey and direct it into a unified actualizing benevolent narrative. 

If individuals, or the society at large, where you reside support harshness so that the heart's of the innocent may grow more resilient confronting apparent chaos and indifference, recognize that  this too illuminates the beauty of benevolence. This is because for who perception is polarized by material consciousness, light actually appears to shine brighter when surrounded by the shadow of darkness. 

In truth, all are just different frequencies of expressed energy, different music that pours out from the heart of creation. They are akin to chords of truth playing on a heavenly instrument by a single, compassionate and timeless player. The player plays ballads of love. While some notes are darker and others lighter, its' composition is but a single loving melody from the perspective of the player.

It is true that these darker chords of expression crystalize into heavier consciousness and creation. But, those that sustain themselves off of these darker chords are not "free", and do not speak or understand the timeless language of freedom of the player. The reason they can neither speak or understand this timeless language is because they have been unable to transcend their verve for justice. They have yet to discover uncover treasures of a higher love. 

Know, that those with heart's that have accessed the player's intimacy will be humbled by an outpouring illumination to help unify all the notes of the player within. They bravely stand in the poignancy of their heart's song of truth and begin to ebb and flow to the climax of this universal love song. Their heart's shine brightly amidst the linear contrasts, and accentuate a shorter path. Increasingly, more hearts are opened to the inner grandeur of their soul's truth, and they too are lulled into the symphonic throws of the immaculate love song of the universal player.

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