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Innocence is associated with the inner child that resides within. Within seasonal archetypes, innocence is associated with the Spring season. The Spring solstice brings forth an exuberance of life to sprout upon the earth. It represents an energy that takes what appears to be dead and fallow, and rejuvenates it with teeming life. It is associated with the energy of "wonder", and the times of entering into a perception where all is rendered possible and abundant in potential.

Every individual, regardless of their life's trajectory, have an orchard of "firsts" residing within. All individuals went through a childhood, they had experiences like their first time on a swing, their first time at the beach, their first red balloon, their first ice cream cone. When these ideas are explored with adults, many adults are unable to recall their "firsts". 

When I work in session with individuals, I explain that when I find an adult that is unable to connect to their firsts, it is indicative that the individual has exiled within themselves the energetic expression of the inner child. In these subjects, the inner child has been banished due to hardship or shame, from the circuitry of their inner consciousness. Without this indelible expression of restoration and wonder, the individual begins to live as if soldiering through every day, and every day becomes the longest day. They feel entrapped in one long continuous day that never seems to end, and are burdened by fatigue, they are emotionally tired, and irritable. They look anxiously for opportunities to "check-out" and escape.

This lesson is about innocence, it is about welcoming the inner child back home. It is about reconnecting with the thriving pulse of possibility that is the very heart-beat of the inner child; allowing the spirit of the inner child to open up the well-springs of the heart.

Take a few moments to reflect upon the innocence of children. 

When young children are playing in playgrounds they do not notice differences in the shades of other children's skin, the varying languages and cultures belonging to those are playing. They are immune to the  the drums of tribalism and nationalistic ideals that prevail upon most adults. They bypass these considerations because children are so closely connected to emotion. When one cries, another child's heart feels pain. When children witnesses laughing, exuberance, and joy that current becomes spreads abound for they are not disconnected by disillusionment. The spirit of a child inhabits a world where all is possible, and there is only the present now.

Throughout the various spiritual traditions of the world, children are recognized as carrying a special sanctity.The sanctity of children is related to a child's connection to a world of "wonder". where everything is fresh and the world is only bound by the confines of one's imagination. Because of this state of mind, the current of heart's emotion is allowed to flow unimpeded. Within spirituality, it is through a pure heart that one may connect to all, to all places and all times. By pro-actively using the power of one's heart, a spiritually dynamic individual can uplift and mitigate the streams of discord that are prevalent within one's circle of influence, and beyond. 

A spiritually dynamic individual is an individual that masters brandishing a sword of profound empathy and compassion within the recesses of their heart. They are free to wield that sword with determination and trust. They do not use that sword to oppress or injure, but wield that sword to help set others free. They free others without having to express a thing, but by actively connecting within to the higher aspects of compassion and empathy to help unify one individual with another's joy, bounty, hope and possibility to reunite them with the spirit of the inner child and the world of wonder.The spirit of the inner child helps grasp the very fulcrum of compassion and uplift its music to its' highest note. While regressive energy would have the individual focus on what seems wrong, the child within is connected to a world of boundless possibility and helps direct one's heart to connect others with what is possible. Not only does this open portals of perception to allow others to witness what is possible in the here and now, but to the very music of one's soul reveling in a greater harmony in the future, as well. If our world is but a primitive world, then there is a space of a far less primitive time that awaits us all in the great beyond. The spirit of the inner child can prepare the vanguard of the heart, and help draw the nectar from the future space, so that your heart may hum to its' music while cultivating the here and now.

Take a moment to welcome the spirit of the inner child within. Do not be to proud to ask the inner child, "what do you have to teach me", what do you have to show me". For the child is a master; a master of compassion, a master of innocence. And the child awaits a reunion and complete re-embrace.

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