Sunday, November 23, 2008

Message from "Jacob": "Justice" is not the language of "Vengeance"

So says "Jacob", the higher Sun, the father that speaks from the "higher heart that resonates the "higher light" for All that choose to awaken in "freedom" and align to the song of "salvation" behind the veil.

Many are confounded by the desolation of their "pride", their "bastions of abundance" and their "false securities". They feel the tremors of the earth consciousness quaking, and the higher heart awakening. But many choose to stray from the "light" and escape into fantasies of "fear" and "oppression".

We are in your "now" to reveal that evidence to the contrary is only a world away. Everything is not as it appears to your limited senses, for there is much beauty, joy and abundance that is prepared to enter your realm, All need only to take possession of it through portals of "freedom" and "loving deliverance". Such is the way of spirit on the other side of the veil.

The children shall learn that "justice" is not the language of "vengeance", but a language of realignment to balance, the "definition" that allows for All to reconnect into their natural harmonious order, and ascend.

Let it ring out out in your halls of justice, and through the networks of the light-working vanguard within your cities that every soul is precious, each spirit is "heaven" sent, and there is none that cannot render their will into alignment with the higher "light" of All.

Know that after the dust settles; All shall begin the process of collective ascension, for this is the resonance of the "higher light". Announce this message for All to hear, and collectively help guide this momentum to the intention of All.

Although, "others" paths are in balance, the power of the workers of the "higher light" is profound, in that converts the "dark" spaces into "light". And so we are free to proclaim the progress of your advancement.
You must through All lock on to this truth, for the power of the "higher light" is of "true (/altruistic) love" and it is magnificent, for it resonates the coordinates of All That Is; and there is nothing that can hinder or oppress this higher state of "presence".

We shall broadcast further coordinates for the necessary ascensions of the "chosen" few, and these "workers of the higher light" shall ignite the straight path of the collective through the resonance of their song of "truth", "merciful healing" and "true love" along the earthly plane.

Witness, and recognize this truth, as the will of All shall return and re-ignite the collective to higher planes of existence, and shall expand as the volume of its frequencies continue to bountifully resonate.

Take heart, for although the journey moves slowly, there will be much cause for celebration, for the resonance of the sacred reunion shall resonate eternally evermore.

We are "Jacob", so it is, and so shall it be.

Sun, 23 November 2008 / 25th of Cheshvan, 5769 (Parashat Toldot - Diaspora)

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