Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Practical Light-Working Series: "Active" inter-dimensionality and "drained" descents

Here, I will layout sacred guidance on the functions of "active" inter-dimensionality and "drained" descents. It is a poignant lesson that students will need to acquire in order engage in high precision "light-working" on the behalf of All.

As you know, when one is in complete alignment with All, one senses the current of source energy "light" as it passes through oneself and inter-dimensionally flows outward in connection to the network of All. This occurs because when one is within the aligned state of "merciful healing", "grace" and "truth" (the coordinates that comprise the "altruistic love" of All) one's energetic broadcast frequency has achieved inter-dimensional higher frequencies of "intention" that work with the mathematics/logic/wisdom of infinity (/eternity), as is the nature of All source behind the veil.

This means that through this altruistic frequency one is increasingly aligned with the core frequency of "infinite" life/ source. And therefore, this "light" is "bountifully" (/active inter-dimensionality) dispensed, and it follows that the more you dispense of it to All, the more it filters back through your field of "perception". For the higher "light's" very nature is inter-dimensional and eternal, having no limit, no beginning and no end in its altruistic frequencies of love and life.

You may have noticed that workers of the "light" who have not achieved "mastery", find themselves suddenly drained of higher "light" energy, fatigued and weak, they witness the distinct sensation of being "drained". This cycle can last days and weeks, at times even months or years for those that remain in "bondage" to its processes.

The secret of this process is most elegant and sacred, and I share it for the students that are thirsty for practical light-working guidance.

When one succumbs to utilizing the "light" for personal gain, and issues forth their "field of intent" through the baser frequencies of "control", "fear", "anger", "oppression", "lust", "need" or other states of "bondage", the aligned network to All is deconstructed (/broken), as the ego begins to "inflate" and block one's "sacred" transcendence portal.

The "light" energy is "misfired" through this misaligned state and once dispensed is then rendered unable to return, as the state of alignment, the very conduit of "active" inter-dimensionality was broken by fractured perceptions. The individual thus experiences profound weakness and fatigue and feels "drained" (all in ratio to the sensitivity of the individual's empathic abilities).

The light is not replenished because the individual deconstructed the altruistic frequency portal that "actively" connects (/reflects) to the infinite (/eternal) life-source/ creative frequencies of "light" of All. The higher "light" then hovers around the individual, awaiting proper realignment that can usher in a reunion of "active" inter-connectivity to All source.

The period of fatigue and weakness lasts as long as the individual's "intention field" transmits frequencies along critical, bias and oppressive frequencies due to the ego's amplification of "earth-body" consciousness within that distort and interfere with "higher" light frequency reception, thereby blocking the realignment of altruistic inter-connectivity.

It is for this reason that the experience of these "exile descents" vary and range in individual experience from a moment, a day, a week, a months, months or years. All is dependent on the reconstruction and alignment of altruistic "intention-field" broadcasts.

The "enlightened" that have taken possession of this sacred insight can sense the approaching misalignment in the abstract dimensions of "energy", "creativity", "form" before it manifests itself into the dimensions of material "action" by empowering (/girding) the "balance" before a "deconstruction" takes root. And those that fail to do so, can still altruistically re-establish alignment quite rapidly because they know the nature of this "active" inter-dimensional process and the weakness source of their "exile" and "descent".

Tue, 11 November 2008 / 13th of Cheshvan, 5769 (Parashat Vayera - Diaspora)

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