Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Message from "Jacob": Wrap Yourself in Vulnerable Love (Meditation for processing interpersonal hostility)

Greetings dear "Children of the Sun",

We are "Jacob", the father's love, the center and "sun" that resonates the boundless truth of love, mercy and healing.

Know that true love is never a weakness, but an affirmation of your true Divine state.
And so we say do not fear being vulnerable in the "light" for this is the way of spirit.

Understand that those who you perceive to wrong you while in this lofty aligned state are merely acting out "contracts" to help accelerate your ascension.

They are not choosing to do so, because they are not free, but are acting out their seduction to fear based "command and control" constructs. Their actions are therefore the manipulated byproduct of the "dark" energy "fields" produced through their addictions.

Therefore, like the chemical addict on your earthly tier, these individuals are hardly in posession of their "conscious" reactions.

Learn to see these individuals as signposts along your journey, you will grow much from these. Take heed, and know that their descents are reactive, like an unpleasant awakening from a deep slumber.

They sense that your "light" field is the cause of their "awakening", but they have not yet cultivated the tools, nor resonance within themselves to accept the frequency of your "light" and its emanation. They therefore lash out at the "light" healer for awakening them to a darkness wrought by their own devices.

Know that this is all reactionary, for the they are enslaved to their shame and have not yet begun to process the resonance of the "light". But because you have stirred them from their slumber through love and merciful healing, you have given to them a great gift; as you have ushered them through the elementary step towards restoration and ascent - as they must be free to choose (/love) the "light". And so, in this way you have hastened their journey and they need not awaken at a later time through a frequency of intolerable existential suffering.

Therefore, you must raise your spirits and take pride in the abuses that you may garner, for these are signs that you have begun to save them from the "longer road home".

We wish you strength through love, mercy and healing along this vital journey, know that we stand with our eternal love outstretched for you behind the veil.

We are "Jacob" and so it is.

Tue, 7 October 2008 / 8th of Tishrei, 5769 - Parashat Ha'Azinu (Diaspora)

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