Monday, October 6, 2008

Message from "Jacob": Intention-Field Mechanics

Greetings dear "children of the sun",

We are "Jacob" the father's love, your center, the compassionate, merciful and healing emanation from behind the veil.

We wish to impart to you this insight to aid you with your sacred work along the earthly tier.

Know that everything along your earthly tier of life is energy fashioned through the intentions of Man.

Man is the arbiter of progression along the "time facade" matrix of the earthly tier, and is empowered to initiate healing constructs that summon innate interconnectivity with the benevolent inter-dimensional source, i.e. the singular intelligence that filters through the many infinite levels of existence.

We tell you this so that you may begin to become comfortable with the "intention fields" that permeate your societies, communities, places of work and home life. For there is no man that cannot alter the course of possibilities (/contracts) that flow before him.

And we relate to you that strong negatively charged emotional intentions impact your world by concentrating within your realities constructs that necessitate suffering, while benevolent emotions (which are far more powerful than their coarser relative energies of fear and control) summon renewed possibility and free you to manifest "life" through "All".

Realize that the higher energies (manifested through intent) stir bountiful attraction fields that bond with other concordant fields of intention across the earth, transcending your sense of "place" and "circumstance". This ingathering of benevolent energies, although seemingly scattered along the earthly plane, actually work together in unison to open (/unclog) portals of possibility that manifest magnificent, bountiful, transformative healing along your earthy tier.

Along multi-dimensional perspectives, these benevolent energy fields actually accelerate and actualize the "future" construct through your "time facade" matrix so that the music of future begins to resonate within your field of "present" ("I Am"/ "Anochi"). While negative energy fields produced through prevalent intentions of fear, intimidation and oppression have the opposite effect of ushering in baser (/devolved) regressive "past" reality constructs.

Remember; along your "light" and "dark" balance, i.e. your duality laden perception construct, your refined frequencies of benevolence and connectivity are far more powerful than their baser counterparts. In your world of perception this is because the higher frequency fields of love, interconnectivity and bountifulness coalesce with like minded fields of higher resonance across the earth, while the unrefined energy patterns have an opposite repelling effect and manifest in "dark" de-constructive or stagnation energy "bubbles". These dark/ base energies cannot counterbalance the progression of the more potent "bonded light" waves that issue through higher frequency benevolent energy streams, all manifesting through the interconnected altruistic intent of many. Behind the veil, this is essentially the energy of home and All That Is.

We encourage your continued wishes for revelation and truth along your earthly tier, and send to you energies of hope and sustainability for All to welcome the beautiful destiny in "closeness".

We are "Jabob", and so it is.

Mon, 6 October 2008 / 7th of Tishrei, 5769 , Parshat Ha' Azinu - Diaspora

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