Friday, October 3, 2008

Jacob's Ladder

"Jacob's Ladder" does not function as a ladder does along the material realm. "Jacob's Ladder" is a spiritual (/abstract) construct that propels individual consciousness to advance and attain its' next stage (/frequency of refined attainment) of actualization in the "light".

While within the material realm, a ladder offers the individual a variety of steps with which to reposition oneself to best apply to the task at hand (one is secure in the knowledge that if one chooses to step up a rung that the preceding steps will offer support for the eventual decent from elevation), this is not the way of the inter-dimensional "Jacob's Ladder".

Realize that because this celestial ladder is inter-dimensional it always works within the frequency of "true kindness". This most benevolent "celestial ladder" construct is designed to propel the individual spirit (/consciousness) towards advancement to All That Is by aligning the spirits frequency and resonance with the higher frequencies of spiritual "light".

The celestial ladder construct ensures that the spirit attains only true and sincere portals for advancement. Each time an individual consciousness (/understanding) attains a new rung of the ladder (station of perception), its' previous rung begins to fade and no longer offers its previous support. Many are surprised to learn that at pivotal times for potential advancement one's current station (/rung of spiritual perception) will begin to fade from "beneath one's very feat"! Although, this is often misperceived as being abandoned by the "light", this is actually a powerful gift of opportunity for advancement through coalescing with the "light" through the "unknown" (abyss, darkness, faith, trust).

The individual spirit is free to become empowered by positioning one's fear of the "unknown" as an offering to the "light", this "void" then becomes the very receptacle for a renewed (/expanded) spirit consciousness (/understanding), (re)filled anew through embracing the transformative intimacy in joining with the "light" (/infinite wisdom) without compulsion (/true love).

This process is a consequence of the profound gift of the duality matrix. It empowers the human spirit with the capacity (/gift of portals) to enact transformative altruistic mergers. These are commenced via pure intentions of trust (/faith) and longing for the "unknown, but familiar". This merging of consciousness is bonded through manifesting these pure intentions through "ecstatic" expressions of altruistic love along the material plane.
Thereby, man unites and transforms into a most beautiful "creator" along the material plane. In these profound instances, the human spirit transcends the age-old confines of "in the shadow of God".

Alternatively, should the individual consciousness turn cold and complacent in their current station along the celestial ladder, even as one's station (current ladder rung) begins to dissipate, the individual spirit will initiate its' own dissension, falling all the way down to bare material consciousness.

This descent is proceeded by the light's (/infinite wisdom's) invitation to bond through the perceived void and expand one's spirit consciousness (expand perception/ expanded understanding) to usher in the attainment of the next elevated station (/higher rung of attainment). But because the individual's spirit consciousness (/understanding) chooses instead to surrender to body (/material) consciousness constructs of fear that fuels the thirst for control (/domination), the individual has chosen to embrace the familiar and earthly (/animalistic) "fight or flight" response.
[The duality laden (earthly/ animalistic) material aspect of spirit prefers to learn and advance through existential void and suffering, this is part of the animalistic programing of the physical form, the "fight or flight" construct that allows for all material life to evolve along the earthly plane.].

This embrace of "fear" motivated control and domination perception constructs repel (/betrays) the advancing "light" and its' prepared elevated station (/rung) along Jacob's Ladder (which essentially constitutes the now incongruent higher resonance frequencies of altruistic love and interconnected benevolence).

As a consequence of the earth's duality construct, i.e. "free choice portal", the spirit falls the great expanse of the celestial ladder (there are no longer any lower/ previous supporting rungs/ stations of perception) to instead advance by perceiving though the hollowness of concrete and chaotic material consciousness.

As is most prevalent, the spirit of man finds comfort in learning from the outside (/the opposites in exile) then from within (/inside the palace gates). Like many victims of abuse, they rather imprison themselves in the prison they know than walk blindly into the unknown. [Individual's choose to instead usher in their next stage of spiritual actualization through the construct of "learning from the void"/ learning from their fear/ learning from their shame/ tree of knowledge of good & evil/ tree of knowledge of truth & falsehood/ colorful teardrops/ i.e. evolution through struggle).]

Although the path of learning from struggle and void of the tree of knowledge is an elongated process, it is a necessary and benevolent opportunity for the spirit's present state of embrace and resonance because the "earth world" construct is designed not to deprive or hinder the evolving spirit of its' powerful gift of "free choice", the very key to manifesting profound altruistic creation/ corrective light.

In this way, Man's spirit very slowly evolves beyond its fearful embrace of the material perception construct and realize wholeheartedly that this resonance is not the state of "eternal life". The spirit rids itself of the corroding bonds of one's "fear and control" perception embrace through spirit's renewed pure perception (understanding/ higher consciousness) of the utter hopelessness of continuing to resonate fear driven oppressive frequencies and realizing its true underlying yearning for transcendent love, healing and elevation.

Once this inner cord is struck, the corrective "light" returns, delivering the spirit perceptions (spiritual understanding) above one's previously attained elevated stage (/rung) of attainment. It merges with the individual's consciousness in a rapturous bliss, healing old wounds and igniting new passions.

And thus, the ascension process continues...

Thursday, 2 October 2008 / 4th (eve) of Tishrei , 5769 - Parshat Vayeilech (Diaspora)

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