Monday, September 29, 2008

Message from "Jacob": "Heaven" is Not a World Away

Greetings dear ones, 

We are "Jacob", the father's love from the center, the sun, the balance of "All That Is". 
We declare on this day that "heaven" is not a world away and that together we can render "heaven" along the material plane.

True "PaReDiS" awaits those who toil in the work for "All". 
And as you conduct this sacred work, you plant the seeds of healing for "All".

Remember that material living is a consequence of detachment from "All That Is".
These confines will slowly erode as the new song of destiny approaches and awakens the "son's heart (love) to their father's and the father's heart (love) to the sons".

Hold strong, with open hearts, releasing indiscriminately for "All" the purity of your true love and forgiveness, and healing will commence and All will coalesce.
Nations retaining their separate accents, but together constituting a dynamic whole, a yearning for All, All equal to All.

Together they will strive and return to Source, manifesting this song, its beautiful melody and its infinite harmonies and resurrect for All to witness, the brilliance of the eternal "light" along your material plane.

May this year's journey offer deliverance and continuity with the straight path of the "light", complete with bountiful healing and rejuvenated spirit for All.

We are "Jacob", so it is, and so it will be.

Mon, 29 September 2008 / 29th of Elul, 5768 (Parashat Bereshit/ Genesis), Eve of the New Year of Israel (Diaspora)

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