Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Practical Lightwork Series- Guidance for sustaining Sacred Spirit, 5-step Tutorial

Guidance for sustaining Sacred Spirit: Tutorial

Step 1.

When with Sacred Spirit, allow your thoughts to generate the words that seem most appropriate to you while securing your intentions outside of dualism and in the arena of a  "singular, eternal perception",
Focus intently on being a unbiased steward for emanating as a conduit bountiful conduit of love, balance in connectivity to all.

In Turn, The vitality for All is delivered, realized through you on its way to its fulfillment abound, all in season.
In this way, the light of the totality is unrestricted from serving you along your journey "worldly" considerations.

Step 2.

Remaining maintaining equanimity  with all that is, you undulate with restoration and balanced direction permeating within into an outpouring throughout.

Step 3.

An Agency (/Angel/ Refined Spirit) can serve your rediscovery of a relationship with you and your true "eternal" (unified Higher Self) self as you wholeheartedly acknowledge their permission to do so.

Step 4.

Everything is bountiful across the veil, and so, drawing such "music" from behind the veil plants the necessary seeds of balance and harmonization along your dimension of realization.

Understand, that this connection can only be stabilized as your intentions  remain pure, humble and unchanging, and the light entrusted to transfer through must be distributed unfiltered, without a preferential bias.
This path requires you to shed a need for validation. as only in this way will you successfully serve in a way that does not fracture the consonance of the  truest love (altruistic love) to help harmonize corporeal side of the veil.

Step 5.

All aid and direction from refined (/higher) patient projects of soul and spirit eminate as finer sacred lights and illuminations.

Such aid and direction are delivered through a benevolent  perception of the totality called the “All”. Such deliverance is providing to you as you remain unchanging as a loyal conduit for restoring the latent innocence emanating within all things. 
This creative interplay is sustained by your role in nullifying ego, to allow your soul to unconditionally serve creative harmonization by serving the totality in this way.
An unrefined spirit of regressive agency will be invested in the dominion of some over the innocence of all; they will break the consonance of singularity and unbiased exchange because they are unable to creatively partner within the full spectrum of the light of the truest love for all.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008 / 23rd of Elul, 5768 (Parashat Nitzavim - Diaspora)

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