Monday, September 8, 2008

Message from "Jacob": True Mastery

"If you want to become the master and not the slave of your environment, you must master addressing All through a prism of love and compassion. 

And when you do so, you will no longer direct the Almighty how he must direct his love and compassion. 

Instead, you will be steadfast in your love and compassion and remain safe in the knowledge that the Almighty does All with the greatest care and concern; you will then graduate to the level of "nasseh v'nishmah" ("we will do... and then we will listen") that warranted your ancestors prophecy through altruistic love. And when they were in a state of grace, they had no need to ask how, for that only repelled the dimension of bountiful opportunity from manifesting on the earthy realm. 

Instead, they simply love, and All will remedy All."

Mon, 8 September 2008 / 8th of Elul, 5768 

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