Friday, January 31, 2014

Secrets Of Passion

To give arise to individuality, creation introduced a polarizing lens to govern awareness. The polarizing lens works as a filter, splicing perceived divinity through a spectrum of “otherness”. This filter of “otherness” optimized creation into medium where emotional distance, void and isolation can be experienced. 

It is for this reason that the great mystics considered this material world to be a prized missing jewel to fix atop the crown of creative achievement. It is because within this context of perceived separateness, we can realize the fullness of the divine light by summoning in profound expressions reconnection and communion. All of the energetic creative expressions that push and pull for linear dominance over the awareness of man are all secretly yearning for this solution. 

Just as some colors in a rainbow’s spectrum are visible to the naked-eye and while others remain hidden; some overtly seek such communion, while others furtively orchestrate the very torque that helps galvanize its’ authentic achievement. They are like juxtaposed gears of a single clockwork, awarded complimentary roles that support conditions for orchestrating a reunification of the “lost sparks of Divinity”. Consider this deeply; all are innately yearning to be restored to wholeness. 

While isolation in of itself, directs a heart’s passions towards resentments, apathy and rage; embracing the creative purpose for separateness will help you achieve the opposite effect. By embracing separateness as the very structure through which to cultivate your heart’s authenticity, the passions that arises will launch you to more expansive expressions of your greater soul’s intimacy. Thereby, the ingathering of “passion” is the very fuel that launches transcendence beyond the polarizing filters of “otherness”. This is the true meaning of spiritual formula: “Love thy brother as you love thyself!” 

Fuel can be used to launch and propel, but if it is used primitively it can prove both explosive and volatile. It is the same with passion. Passion can fuel a launch into expanded horizons of awareness, but when violently handled, results can be prove devastatingly explosive. A true spiritualist secures their passion by propelling it through the expansive arc of their soul’s benevolence. Such passion is uplifted in a light of lasting purpose. This passion is secure from the traps of contention and considerations of pedigree. It will restore your perceptions in a light of eternal consequence.

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