Monday, March 18, 2013

A Pure Heart Connects To All

A compassionate heart is a pure heart that can connect to all. It is through this capacity of compassion that spiritually dynamic individuals advance towards proactively seeding solutions for catalyzing chaos and discord into passion; a passion for love, life, freedom and harmony. This momentous verve gradually knocks down walls of separation and self-interest to amplify an eternally clarifying light that transforms our world. Increasingly, individuals awaken to a world where polarities blend, where the interests of many coalesce back into a greater concern for the dignity and welfare of all. 

A true spiritualist maintains a fervent capacity for compassion as they hone a mindset that exudes themes of an expansive collective unity. Together, the heart opens channels for increasing sensitivity and awareness, while unleashing binds of the mind to unharness wellsprings of ingenuity and awareness. This  spiritually sensitivity is used to triggers enhanced range for imprinting higher tiers of expression within all modes of being. Gradually, one masters the art for fluidly transcending the linearity of worldly considerations and practices a discipline of uplifting passions towards higher expressions for communion for mind, body and spirit that extend an eternity clarion that harmonizes our world with  the great beyond. By sovereignly exuding in this way, the spiritualist actively amplifies an eternal and indelible verve latent within all creation. It is a frequency that accentuates universal worth and eternal coalescing.

Many spiritually inclined beginners take on the disciplines of misunderstood ancient spiritual approaches that mistakenly place emphasis on training the mind. These strive to subjugate the "ego" through sheer dominance and determination with the promise of activating hidden capacities of the mind's potential. These well meaning novices rehearse contrived and technical rubrics for meditation in the hopes of entering new horizons in cognitive capacity and potential. 

In the path of truth, the secret to unleashing the flurry of ingenuity within all that we label as the "mind" is catalyzed by immersing your complete "self" through the sacred higher chords of the heart. In essence, there is a purification in the sacred music of the heart's chords that must uplift all the static of dissonance and discontent. It is triggered by profound expressions of the heart's chord of compassion. 

Through this practice you cultivate your heart's increasing range for extending towards higher expressions of empathy. Through this exercise, the mind's side that is calculating, reductionistic, dominating and competitive is lulled into the promise of greater harmony. Your heart's expression has the ability to transcend limitations, and permeate through walls of separation to reveal the chord of the innate innocence and beckoning renewal deep within all things. Through this conduit of the heart you can retrieve the eternal clarity from which all things are derived. And by doing so, invigorate the inherent unity between all things. It is a harmonizing verve of oneness that transcends all creative expression. 

This is what the luminaries meant when they taught that a pure heart connects to all. As you access a revitalizing stream of compassion that extends to all, all become increasingly alive and integral to your world. It is your testament to the sanctity of truth resonating from these once divergent streams that streamlines these into an expression of an enhanced oneness; all catalyzed through the fulcrum of your perception. Through this unifying verve, you will increasingly discover that you can transcend the very linearity of space and time, and breakthrough echoeing barriers of your prior "Nows". The power of this expansive singularity will allow you to hear the music of a far more intimate future. In rhythm to that music, your heart will begin to testify to the divinity unfolding before you through all it's many masks of form. Your eyes will start to reflect and illuminate this divinity like sparkling waters coursing under the warmth of an irrepressible sun. You will begin to internalize this song and reflect through the reflection of your eyes the divine magnificence and innate innocence of all things. In turn, all may quench the thirst for renewal at the trough of divinity they witness in your gaze. As it will be your eyes that reflect to them the very nature of their own innate divinity.

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