Tuesday, April 9, 2013

With Great Power

For many who try to think about it, it is very difficult to conceptualize how one individual can truly make a difference. Our world is such a vast and complicated place, how can a single individual truly make a lasting impact? 

When you try to conceptualize this in the western world, it can prove challenging to assess because we are so very immersed in it. It is far more challenging for the mind to be truly objective of a construct that you are immediately a part of. For the sake of illustration, lets focus on a culture that is more foreign to western sensibilities. Lets consider China.

There are over 1 billion Chinese in China. One person in China is going to stand up and declare: "I am an individual, I will be the difference!" 

On the surface level the notion of it seems utterly bombastic. With a civilization that large and complex you have an immense infrastructure and systematic safeguards for maintaining order. Its established system of rule is designed to keep things at the status quo and on track. The law, judiciary, established administration and civil sub-structure of enforcement are all there to tie up and overwhelm any aberration from their normative cultural momentum. At its root the system is not motivated by justice or discovering merit, instead these bodies are rooted in securing the social structure, to stabilize and slow down the gears of change.

In light of such an awesome apparatus, the idea that a single individual can make a lasting impact is very difficult to fathom. How can it be?

To expand to the processes involved in the power of the individual, lets examine it on the more abstract terms of music. You have noticed that you can be listening to a song and then there is one chord that just tugs at your heart and it is different then the pattern of proceeding cords. Everyone that has listened to music has experienced such phenomena. But if you try to reduce and deconstruct it, you will find that these musical chords are just various mathematical sequences of vibration. Still, somehow, experientially that one chord just gets to you, and crumbles the wall around your heart. It feels as if it was the exact chord that you needed to hear at that moment in time. And it was designed along with the proceeding harmonic juxtapositions to just sink into you. Listening to that song, whenever that cord comes, there is a little space, like a little void of absence from the proceeding pattern, a cadence that propels your mind to continue to fill in the sequences of melody even if the music was abruptly turned off. This is how the song catches you; how the song gets into you and truly makes you feel.

This is analogous to the dance between the macro momentum of a culture and the micro momentum of extraordinary souls. There are certain individuals that have the ability to be like that cord that catches and catalyzes new momentum. And just like the musical chords in the analogy, this individual's truth is not necessarily superior to all the other truth preceding it; it is more a matter of variance and readjustment. It is like when lovers dance to and fro to build passion toward an enhanced embrace.

There are individuals that can play such a profoundly altering chord from a heart space that it will cause the collective consciousness to quake. Suddenly with a shake and a shudder, the hearts the world over awaken the next morning more sincere and aware. It happens all the time.

It is this ability that the mystics called "righteous". We pay a lot of attention and are easily distracted by brute physical feats. We laud these acts as impressively heroic, and at times even saintly.  But within the spiritual tradition, "righteousness" has never been weighed in terms of brute force and efficient execution. 

"Righteousness" is something that only very sensitive heart's can detect, because the action is taking place far from the theatre of where the eyes are trained. The seeds of "righteousness" are being sowed upon an entirely different field of perception. 

True "righteousness" is carried by individuals who arise to plant harmonic solutions within the collective consciousness. These are souls that are able to prepare our world for a language that we do not yet speak. Peace remains allusive in these times because our world does not yet know in the language of wholeness. Still, each day there are souls that dedicate themselves to reaching profound states of spiritual intimacy and access the ability to hear the music of a far less primitive time. They commune with the future essence of their soul and immerse themselves in its overall melody. Gradually, they learn to speak in the language of the future wholeness, the harmony that will blossom abundantly in future times of illumination.

These dedicated souls learn the language of wholeness that sounds so foreign to our prevailing cultural sensibilities. The mystics called this "The Sacred Tongue". They explained how the righteous were taught how to speak the language of the sacred tongue that kings, princes and wise men of the court did not know. What was the nature of this language?

Within the sacred tongue every word uttered was aligned with an eternal progression, where everything eventually harmonizes into unity. Someone speaking within the sacred tongue would not emphasize the polarities of the "good" and "evil", instead they would say the "good" and the not yet "good"; or those "spiritually mature" and those "spiritually immature". That was their discipline - as discipline of expression is eminently reflective of the discipline of mindset, a mindset that is rooted in the degree of reverence for the heart's intimacy.

They actually spoke this way, thought this way and lived this way. They did not do these things because they were helplessly naive to the discordant agendas that have historically pervaded over human dignity. They operated this way because rather than being complacent and shackled to the prevailing primitive nature of ills past, they seeded their emancipation at their heart's crescent and revered their soul enough to sovereignty make a difference.

If prevalent consciousness is akin to a holographic program, these dedicated souls freed their hearts enough to hack the system and insert a more elegant code.  So when you wonder how is it that a single soul can make a difference, well, now you are getting the picture. Some souls refine their heart's music until they are free enough to introduce new possibilities into the mainframe of the collective spirit of man. They do not do this with flashy affects and to resounding applause. They do these things amidst the darkest hours, and go against the prevailing streams to plant the seeds that will prevent a savage history from repeating itself again.

You may feel that this all sounds far too outlandish. These individuals, if they even exist, must be quite removed from civilization. They must have sat under a tree chanting epiphanies for forty years, fasting, disciplining their breaths and meditating for years on end. How is it possible for a "normal" person to relate to such an ideal?

Take close these words to heart. What you must grow to understand is that every soul that is here in this time has been presented with ample opportunities throughout their journey to fulfill this very thing.

Our world has for a long time been governed by principles of "justice". Justice is the very bedrock of the evolutionary model of existence. It predicates that over the long haul, the survivors must adapt and grow stronger or more evasive. Thereby, all of natural life evolves linearly as a byproduct of threat, conflict and struggle. It is a mechanistic model, and there is no room for compassion there. This was not the status quo for the soul of man that visits life here from celestial places and heavenly abodes and beyond. These lofty spaces are not partial to evolving through struggle the way the material consciousness of this world does. There, things process in trans-linear fashion, not serially. Their relationship with time and progress is not as rigid as our limited models and rubrics. 

Seek peace with this juxtaposition; the transcendent soul encased within a rigid linear survivalist construct. As you do so, you will begin to envision the possibilities inherent in a single individual. What is it that you can do each day to make all the difference?

Imagine you are introducing a stranger to the ways of this world. You try to explain to that visitor the nature of human suffering. So the visitor says, "take me to a homeless fellow and let me ask him about the last time he cried, the last time he endured suffering". You look at him incredulously, and say, "suffering is not uncommon in our world, oppression is not uncommon in our world, and you needn't seek out the extremities of homelessness to observe it." Oppression, suffering, helplessness, individuals confronting difficulties in this world is not uncommon.

In this world we tend to base the value of things on supply and demand considerations. The price of gold rises, as its availability grows scarce amid demand fueled by uncertain economic terrains. If gold were as common as tin, then the price of gold would sink. If tin would grow scarce, its value too would increase. The spiritual tiers do not work this way. You can have something that is available for everyone that is exceptionally valuable. A way to look at it is that spiritual existence is so essential that its sustenance must remain pervasive, and available to all. As is common from a worldly mindset, when something is pervasive people lose sight of its value. Consider the popular attitude towards air. Everyone understands that air is of fundamental importance to sustainable living. If there were a shortage of air you would find people trading in their assets and trinkets just to have oxygen. We may take air for granted, but we recognize that it is essential and important. In truth, its all valuable, our perspective of prominence shifts in accordance to heightened demand.

From a spiritual standpoint, suffering constitutes a powerful latent asset. It presents great potential value even though it is so pervasive in these times.  When met correctly you can accomplish extraordinary things!

Difficulties, pain and struggle, everyone confronts these in their own way, relative to the impressions of prior experience. What you do with the pull of oppression is what makes all the difference. This goes beyond your own linear field of perception.  This is bigger than just you, and sound words about learning to let go and invite new experiences. This is a powerful secret that affects you, your family, your culture and the great beyond. Here is a helpful analogy for the mechanics of it.

When you are confronting a grave difficulty, how you meet it and embrace it can release a profoundly powerful paradigm shift upon the entire construct. Consider the game of baseball. The pitcher throws the baseball at great velocity towards the batter. The batter swings at the baseball and connect the centre of his bat's barrel with the centre facing of the ball. The bat meets the ball's trajectory of momentum completely, and drives it with a new momentum of its own. The ball will propel a distance in the exact opposite direction. But pay attention to an important variable at play. The faster the pitch, the farther the ball will go when the bat solidly connects with the ball. The swing does not even have to be powerful. If the ball is met completely, it will invert its own course as it is shifted by the momentum correction of the bat. 

There are times when you will question your resolve, "why must this be so hard? Why am I being subjected to such a difficult time?" In those times you will wish you had a baseball coach standing at your side, declaring:

"Time out! This is the big league. Yes, the pitches are very fast here. But even if you just bunt the ball it going to make it up the infield. All you have to do is connect with a solid swing and that ball will soar!"

How do you greet struggle, how do you properly embrace suffering?
Remember that from a spiritual perspective there is a regressive momentum being pulled by a field of justice that is pushing the de-facto evolution of events. Everything gets cooked in the collective soup of divergent streams of vibratory energy in this continuum. Our society's ability to evolve outside the fallout of past injustice, and cyclical tit-for-tat momentum is a byproduct of energetic consciousness that crystallizes in that melting pot. This is a powerful key to peace on earth. To unhook from our linear pendulum of cause and effect of the primitive past, new variables need to be seeded into the continuum. 

As you free your heart and have a date with destiny for struggle and duress. How you choose to embrace the event? By remaining centred and in a space of inner harmony you will shatter the earthly paradigm by introducing something new from the lofty heights of your soul. That space, and the introduction of that new chord and its juxtaposition with the prevalent momentum, has the ability to catch on. That chord ringing from the inner most recesses of your heart has the ability to, in juxtaposition with the proceeding void, ring out loud in ways that shift the momentum of the collective consciousness, and plant the seeds for change. There will be no applause and no one will witness these heroics. But you will feel it like a stroke of graceful sunshine that erupts from your crown, down your shoulders, to the seat of your spine.

Like the waves of a heartbeat, everyone is going to confront ups and downs within this worldly existence. But how you meet those markers, whether they own you, or you own it enough to uplift it back to its' greater source, is all the difference.

Consider the following "diamond" analogy. If you visit a jeweller, you will find that the most sought after cut for a diamond is called the "Ideal Cut". There is a good reason why they cut the diamond in that shape. If the stem of the stone is cut too long, it will not refract the light off its' table with as much brightness and fire. It is set to ideal geometric proportions, with the ideal set of facets to allow the stone to absorb light and reflect brilliance. When they devise new technology to add additional facets, they do not do so because it will look prettier to the eye as you look into it through a jewellers loop. They do so because as the light enters the stone additional calibrated facets are designed to create powerful torque that increasingly amplifies the intensity of the light. It reflects along the reflective tunnel toward the end of the stem increasing and echoing the heightened vibrancy of the initial light. That reflected momentum spins like a torrent downward to the point at the bottom of the stem that appears as a little black dot at the end of a faceted cone. It appears like a little black dot because from the perspective of looking through the table it looks like there is no light there. When the light hits the pit of the stem it bounces back out the table with a far more intensity then it had when it entered. Through this elegant geometry, more reflection and increased torque produces more fire off the table of the stone.

Every aspect of adversity that you experience is all part of rendering that torque. That torque is a byproduct of reincarnated energy patterns that are offshoots of mankind's collective consciousness. We are all interlinked. We each feed off each other's momentum. The patterns reflect off one individual are reflected to another and off another and off another. We are all rooted in the truth of the collective consciousness. We resonate one to another, and prevailing momentum trends. We always have a choice. Do we surrender our freedom to the evolutionary momentum, or do we transcend it?

When confronting adversity. As you suffer from the fallout of the actions of another, and the injustices of the "spiritually immature", that darkness is the bottom of the stem. There is light there, but your perspective cannot see it. You can master embracing that darkness as the bottom from where the light will be bountifully reflected. Your soul's consciousness can be the trigger that releases this. You can sovereignty seed new momentum for how bright that light will shine. You have the choice to greet these markers as oppression, or as the potential for the great creative light of unconditional love and service to the hidden light of benevolence latent within all things. As you absorb the blow of that difficulty and pain and transform it into the fullness of your love this resets past fallout and seeds new solutions to cascade through the collective consciousness. That is how the entire continuum begins to adjust for quantum leaps of intimate advancement. Our world begins to find a harmonic balance because you planted those seeds.

There will be a time when all will be masters in this way, and harmony will be pervasive. That is called "righteousness", it has nothing to do with becoming an Avatar or being a Messiah, it has to do with embracing the true you. It is part of unshackling yourself from the primitive patterns of "divide and conque" and learning how to sovereignty choose. It is about allowing your heart to triumphantly declare, "I choose life! I am tired of catering to the primitive debts of this world. My soul comes from a place that is far beyond it and I will not be governed by it. I will set my soul ablaze with the highest love, and in doing so I will strike a chord that can help unshackle the collective. One by one, we reflect off each other like facets of a precious gem. Eventually its' table that is the consciousness of man will shine brighter than the light that was able to enter into it. All that turns and its discordant torque is all part of the mechanics of driving this unified expression.

Each individual can grow empowered to make a profound difference. Anything that spins one way, when you meet it in a balanced grace will reflect just as powerfully the other way around. You have the ability to reset the table and align a trajectory for a more benevolent future for harmony to reign abounds as never before. It is a singular orchestration. In so many ways it is a love song. It is at the very crux of the love story that is life.

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